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results that make you smile

Happy Horizon is a family of specialised agencies in marketing, communication and technology. We all play our own unique game. And, when relevant, we join forces to unlock the true powers of creativity, technology and data. We love to make beautiful campaigns. But we believe that real beauty lies within results. What makes you smile?

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Yes, it’s a lot of happy. But isn’t that what life should be all about? We do believe so. We want to be fun to work with. And we want you to achieve results that put a big smile on your face. Every day. That’s what makes us, ehm, happy.

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Although we don’t like to brag, we want you to know that all these companies have chosen us to create results. Can you imagine how proud we would be if we could add your company to this list? Don’t hesitate, and ask us for relevant cases and references.

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When you work at one of our agencies, there can be times you see your colleagues more than you see your partner. That’s why we’re keen on happy people. People who, just like us, believe that ‘work hard, play hard’ isn’t just a framed cliché hanging in the lobby: it’s truly the one thing that makes us all happy.


For happy idiots we are looking for a

Online projectmanager >

For happy idiots we are looking for a

SEA specialist >

For happy cactus we are looking for a

marketing talent >

For happy ventures we are looking for a

Kerstpakkettenkiezer shopmanager >

For happy online we are looking for a

Junior Magento Developer >

PHP Developer >

Creative Developer >

Voor happy leads we are looking for a

Emailmarketeer >

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Okay, now you know a bit more about us. So this is the moment we have to seduce you to meet with us. So we can prove fun and results can mix. (Now please close your eyes and imagine all 137 of us looking at you with puppy eyes and big smiles). Time to meet?

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Please contact Walter van de Wege for a introductory conversation

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